"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
                                                            Mark 16:15

Before we take on a missionary to support, we make sure that all our missionaries believe just like we do. God wants everyone to know about Him and that's one of the many reasons we support missionaries. They go to the places that we can't go to personally. Whether it be kids in Thailand, or the people of Belize, we must take the gospel to them and tell them about Jesus. If you would like to donate a gift to a specific missionary, click the donate button below.              

The Sidler Family
The Jomhong Family

Missionaries to the Dominican  Republic

Missionaries to Thailand 

The Suico Family

Missionaries to Philippines

The Heidenreich Family
The Matney Family
The Long Family

World Wide Church Planter 

Missionaries to South Africa 

Missionaries to Thailand 

The Owens Family
The Bowen Family
The Narag Family 

Missionaries to Guyana 

Bible Education Services & Training 

Missionaries to Philippines

The Harris Family
The Marco Family
The Davis Family

Missionaries to Belize 

Missionaries to Philippines 

Missionaries to Myanmar 

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